Confused Children are being drawn the vortex of Private Medical Profits

A recent investigation into UK private hospitals have revealed that two fifths of them, have failed safety standards.

The heart of the issue is the model of private hospitals as a for profit business.

Private surgeons are not ’employees’ of hospitals, so any sub standard clinical outcomes they produce, do not cost the private hospitals any money.

The relationship that private surgeons have with private hospitals is an enormously powerful one. Private hospitals are solely dependent on the money brought in by private patients. This makes them less willing to challenge bad clinical standards.

It is these distinctive features of the private sector in the UK that have led some to call it the “red light district” of medicine.

Colin Leys.

It’s not just errors and infections that are causing concern.

Private hospitals have previously accusations of over servicing, unnecessary hospital admissions, tests and treatments.

It’s part of the issue with the model of medicine for money.

The problem is, patients have not idea how what is ‘best practice’ and what is ‘over servicing’.

Sick, distressed and confused people are highly emotional. Their only exposure to medical knowledge comes from media stories, gossip with friends and Government institutions like schools.

In recent times, Western Governments have been consumed with extreme ideology know as identity politics or political correctness. Instead of focusing on getting the national debt down and encouraging employment, they are increasingly being caught up in zelous ideology.

The Victorian Labor government has been in office for five years in Australia.

During that time it has –

Promoted transgenderism among children as part of a ‘Safe Schools’ curriculum.

Published a language guide for the public sector is being pushed banning “heteronormative” terms such as husband and wife and celebrating gender-neutral pronouns such as “zie” and “hir”.

Pushed through legislation so that people can change their birth certificate to reflect whatever sex they feel like identifying with, without any reference to their physical bodies.

During this time there has been no discussion about over servicing, surgery for profit or the lack of rigorous clinical trials supporting transgender treatments on pre puberty children.

The sudden rise in Chemical and Surgical Treatments for Underage Girls

2,415 children were referred for medical gender treatment between 2014 and last year. This is a 41% increase in children referred for medical gender treatments in Victoria during that time.

These treatments include surgical removal of sexual organs, blocking of sex hormones and additional sex hormones.

Children as young as 10 are being given these powerful treatments.

A horrible story of abuse during Transgender Surgery and the patients regret, several years later

This story was reported to me by a nurse working in a private hospital in Victoria, Australia. I feel it raises the issues of lack of patient education, rushed people into private surgery and frankly disgustingly low clinical standards.

In the theater of a small, private hospital, where a sex change operation was being done, a surgeon made degrading comments about his unconscious teenage patient ‘having no balls’ during the operation.

There was no opposition in theatre to the surgeon running commentary, ridiculing his patient during the entire procedure.

The same teenager returned to the private hospital several years later, in a state of distress asking for a reversal of the procedure.

The small private and religious based hospital where this surgery took place does not have an established trans gender unit or qualified nursing staff.

Endocrinologists questions the science behind children claiming to be ' a boy in a girls body'

American Endocrinologist William Malone, MD has raised warnings about the rush to admintor highly aggressive medical treatments. He questions the medical profession abandoning scientific principles and trying to alter the body in order to fit a mental condition.

He believes the medical establishment need to return to basing medical treatments on proven outcomes provided in rigorous clinical trials. And stop giving in to emotional individuals and strident political movements.

He points out that some of the side effects of hormone blocking treatments may include –

  • Permanent infertility
  • Permanent loss of the ability to enjoy sex
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Higher risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Risk of suicide
  • Lifetime dependence on medical treatments

Personally, I am horrified by the aggressive and often inappropriate medical treatments given to all ages and identifies of the population. From 89 year olds given coronary artery bypass grafts (only to die six weeks later in Intensive Care from acute renal failure) to children given radical sex change surgery (only to return several years later asking for a reversal).

Medical treatments are enormously powerful. They are vital for major and acute constitution such as bone fractures, blocked cardiac arteries and cancer in young people. But frankly the level of over servicing may be even higher than one third of all tests and treatments.

Medicine is meant to be scientific. Not driven by social media campaigns, political whims and fancies or plain greed.

And as I keep saying, if there is no clinical evidence to support the treatments, don’t it it.


A national inquiry into the safety and ethics of medical treatment for the rising number of trans­gender-identifying children and adolescents will go ahead with the backing of Health Minister Greg Hunt. – The Australian 17th August 2019.


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