Week one

On Monday the 22nd May 2017, the Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings joined health professionals at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, to announce grant funding of $450,000 towards the Melbourne Health Accelerator program.

The first pitch

The Melbourne Health Accelerator Program (MHx) is a unique experiment; a health start-up accelerator situated inside a busy teaching hospital.

Take this app

As part of Melbourne Health Research week, the event ‘Take this app and call me in the morning: The future of digital health technology prescribing’ was held in the function centre of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Paul Rylance from JKM Care Solutions

Most health systems focus on individual patients, often pushing them towards their nearest hospitals. Instead we’re focusing on bed resources across the entire country hospital and aged care bed capacity across the entire country.

Duplex and Adyuvo

This post is about startups who focus on hospitals and clinics. It covers an autonomous robotic with a UV light attached and connected patients who keep their Doctors up to date with smart devices and Internet of Things.

The Final Pitches

These participants in the Melbourne Health Accelerator Program winter program are pitching their products to families and close friends.

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