Syd is an Australian woman who thought that having private health insurance would give her more accurate healthcare, by Australian private doctors, with no waiting periods. She was wrong on all counts.

Syd is an active woman in her fitties who active and travels overseas when she can afford it. She took a trip to India several years ago, and made sure she had travel insurance. Unlike the Australian private health insurence, the travel insurence turned out to be extremely useful.

She was caught up in a traffic accident in India, and suffered a severe fracture to her ankle. She was quickly taken to an Indian hospital and seen within the hour. Her leg was X-Ray’d, she was given pain relief and anti biotics, her wound was cleaned and dressed, and a Doctor reviewed her scans.

Syd was advised that she had suffered a complex fracture and needed surgery within two days. She was offered surgery in the Indian hospital, but declined and caught a plane home.

I’ll get world class treatment from a private surgeon in Australia’ she thought.

What followed was a litany of disasters, all occurring in private specialists clinics and private hospitals. The places that charge large fees for ‘better care’.

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Unnecessary delays
  • Incompetent nursing
  • Lack of coordination of care

Most of all, Syd was struck by the rudeness and laziness of her Australian hospital staff. The absolute basics of her care were ignored. She developed life threatening complications. And ended up spending months in hospital.

Her story is below.

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