Taking risks in Recovery

Medical treatments can vary widely across different hospitals, even when they are in the same city. The ‘nuts and bolts’ of patient care is not standardised. These differences are referred to among patient advocate groups as ‘unacceptable variations in care’.

Australians have got courage

When the young journalist Keith Murdoch arrived in Gallipoli in September 1915, he was shocked by the incompetence of the British officers and the senseless loss of young Australians life.

Social injustice in Hospitals

A working class woman was bustled out of the public hospital, even though she was confused about the treatment of her stage IV cancer. "We need the bed" the nurse told her as she was shown the door.

Cardiac infection ignored

In the normal commercial world, private enterprise is reasonably transparent about cost and quality. However, in private healthcare there is no transparency about cost and quality. So bad services remain open, along with good ones.

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