When Pete Saunders finished his Masters of Visual Communications and Graphics Arts at the University of Tasmania in 2010, he didn’t realise it would lead him to forming a health startup, connecting dietitians and customers via an online platform.

Health Delivered is bridging the gap between between the past world of error-prone medical records stuffed in manila folders or paper-based assessments and tools, and the future of accurate, cloud-based data capture and service provision.

The company is to be launched in Australia early in 2017. Pete Saunders talks to Wikihospitals about this brilliant Australian startup.

Pete Saunders

After finishing University, Pete moved into marketing, using his communication skills to help companies understand and connect to their customers. He also worked with small, not for profit organisations.

In 2011 Pete created the online platform Undercoat. This international site gives artists a platform to display their works, discuss their inspirations, connect with potential customers and gives credit to their educational institution.

It also gives potential buyers a chance to view a wide range of works, search via a range of topics and quickly contact the artists.


Platform as a Service is the structure Pete went on to choose for his company Health Delivered.

The Director of Dietetics at the company is Tanya Gilliver, former Associate Director of Nutrition and Dietetics, private practice Dietitian and recent Executive MBA graduate at RMIT.

Tanya has over 15 years experience in Australia and the UK, with experience in gastroenterology, weight management, surgery and ICU.

Dr Bow Tauro is a co-founder who has a Doctorate in Biochemistry and molecular biology.

Huw Jones is the digital product designer who has a Bachelor of multimedia.

In December 2016, supported by the RMIT Activator, the Health Delivered team flew to London as Australia’s representative at Pitch@Palace Global.

The platform is aimed at dietitians in private practice initially, but we aim to expand to cover hospitals and community care, aged care, and sports nutrition and offering to the general population.

Pete later described the London experience as ‘surreal’.

One morning we were having tea in Buckingham Palace… the next moment we were learning about international expansion, IP laws and tax concessions.

Health Delivered is an online platform that connects dietitians and their customers in a professional, attractive and user-friendly style. Dietitians can sort through their caseload of clients, check their health details, monitor their goals and follow their progress.

It will pull in data from wearable devices. The platform is device agnostic.

Clients can see their personal health data turned into accurate metrics and displayed as attractive graphics. Their meal plans are set out in a visually appealing style. Communication back and forth between dietitians and customers via the platform is simple.

The platform is modern, interactive, user-friendly and cost effective.

By contrast, the Australian government’s e-health records system is only being used by a minority of Doctors, after 5 years of operation.

Most patients have never seen their own e-health records. Doctors have complain repeatedly that it is user-unfriendly and time consuming. It cannot analyse health metrics, use graphics to display the results or connect patients to their health team. The system has so far cost the Australian taxpayers over a billion dollars.

Technology based-services like Health Delivered offer massive cost savings, by reducing the time Dietitians spend collecting and analysing client information and developing management plans.

Proactive, rather than reactive client interactions, coupled with personalised meal plans aims to increase compliance rates and drop administrative costs.

Health Delivered is the future of of health care. Accurate, interactive and fun to use.

The key to improving health services, is to improve communications.

Health Delivered was first conceived last July at the Carlton Connect Hack Ageing in Melbourne, hosted by HealthXL and supported by international companies.

The event was aimed at solving key challenges in caring for the elderly. In his opening remarks, HealthXL CEO Martin Kelly said that ‘innovation is the key to healthcare in the future’.

Elderly people at the event gave moving personal accounts about dementia, isolation, and malnutrition. These three areas became the focus for problem solving over the weekend.

18 teams pitched their aged care solution to the judging panel. Pete’s team was called Heston and their solution was of online platform for personalised meal planning and nutrition, using personal information, biometrics and good communication between dietitian and patient.

Heston won third prize at the event. Heston was eventually renamed Health Delivered.

As the Aging Hack concept developed into a full blown company, Pete worked closely with dietitians and learned about the personal and economic costs of poor diet.

63% of Australians adults are currently overweight or obese. 25% of Australian children are currently overweight. Obesity is linked to 7.5% of the total burden of disease and injury in Australia.

Obesity is linked to one quarter of type 2 diabetes and osteoarthritis and one fifth of cardiovascular disease and cancer of the bowel, breast, uterine and kidney.

Pete saw an opportunity to bring the skills he learned in his Visual Communications and Graphics studies to the health industry.

Saving people’s lives using a web-based management and communication tool that is beautiful, accurate and fun became a passion.

Software as a Service

Dashboard mockup

The Dashboard is the home screen. It shows a snapshot of people’s information like target kilojoule input, current weight and goal progress, in an easy to understand graphic. There is also more in-depth information covering macronutrient distribution across protein, carbs and fats.

The health data that sits behind all the graphics is integrated across the system and kept up to date. So as one metric like weight changes, other data like target kilojoule or fluid requirements updates automatically.

Client record mockup

The Client Record Screen goes into more depth. It allows data to be displayed over time to show long term patterns. For example blood glucose levels can be charted over the past year.

Recent blood test results can also be displayed. Other information includes exercise like a daily step count, starting diet snapshot and past medical history.

Ideal body weight mockup

The Ideal Body Weight Screen allows dietitians to quickly assess and adjust the ideal body weight for each customer, taking into account their base Body Mass Index. This enables a more accurate assessment of people’s weight and helps dietitians design more accurate meal plans.

Calculate kilocal mockup

The Schofield Equation Screen allows dietitians to easily establish the basal metabolic rate of their clients. This equation takes into account body mass (kilograms) and other factors like activity levels, medical conditions and age. Better data makes patient assessments and treatment plans far more accurate.

Macronutrients mockup

The Macronutrients Screen allows dietitians to calculate the energy available from the three major food groups, protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Factors influencing this calculation include medical conditions, the therapeutic diet chosen to achieve a client's goal and exercise levels.

This level of accuracy means that Health Delivered can assist patients recovering from recent surgery or cancer as much as people in the community managing chronic health issues issues.

Meal planner mockup

The Meal Planner Screen currently has 200,000 food products to choose from all with attractive graphics and more are planned in the future. Dietitians can easily view, add or delete foods for their customers.

This is presented using standardised food groups and servings over the week with energy intake and nutrition breakdown. Drag and drop options are also being introduced to make the software even more simple to use.

Customers can in turn comment on their meals. Did they like them? Would they prefer something else?

Assessment mockup

The New Assessment Page enables customers to pre fill out data, before seeing a dietitian. This stops wasting health professionals’ time on minor paperwork, speeds up the assessment process and means they can focus on what the individual really needs.

Clients can fill out the basics of their own data, select reason for seeking a dietitian’s advice and adding personal notes.

If you want real health reform, you need to focus on helping the provider give a better service.

Health Delivered is the future of health software. Cloud-based, displaying accurate data in a visually appealing manner, linking health provider and clients. Contact them via their website and they will keep you up to date with their progress.


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