Tonight Peak15 held a much needed meetup focusing on the aged care sector.

The opening speakers were carers who work on the ground floor. No tech heads pushing the latest in virtual reality, artificial intelligence and big data.

No multinational corporations pushing their billion dollar cloud software.

Just real life nurses talking about the challenges in caring for elderly frail people.

The speakers were carers, nurses and aged care managers

Janette is the carer of a her mother who is living with dementia.

Sharon is a Registered Nurse who mentioned the changes that technology has brought but kept her main focus on the timeless qualities of caring.

Aimee works with a team of talented staff, at at RSL Care and the Royal District Nursing Service. These two not for profit agencies have a combined history of 200 years caring for the Australian community.

Lauren is a former Home Care Area Manager who is now working with human centred design, to improve the systems and structures that support older people.

“Looking after someone with dementia is hard work. Carers needs support.”

Kianza – they produce business intelligence, software integration and scheduling software for nurses.

Health XN – a company that takes in health content, validates it, digitalises it and provide a platform to display it on. Action;is – also ‘take the time’ activities – occupation therapies is a concept only at this stage.

Eness – mixes art, technology and fun. They create interactive installations and engaging environments.

Cyberclinic also under development, is a virtual counselling software platform.

Adyuvo also in concept stage aims to identify gaps in consumer engagement and create a platform link patients and health professionals.

Thanks once again to the team at Peak 15 for all their hard work, bringing together aspiring health startups, consumer groups and health professionals.

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