Using insulin as a murder weapon

Abuse in nursing homes has raised its ugly head again, with an article in this weekend’s Australian titled ‘Lethal care: Insulin murders’.

The article documents serial murder, going on behind closed nursing home doors, by a small number of appallingly dysfunctional staff.

In every case, the ‘nurse’ had been sacked, put on disciplinary review and even deregistered for abusing their patients.

These ‘nurses’ were always allowed back to work, and put in charge of the most vulnerable members of society.

A Grandmother murdered by a nurse who 'hated old people'

The first story was of a man who’s beloved grandmother was one of three people murdered by a ‘nurse’ in a NSW nursing home.

The ‘nurse’ involved had previously been sacked from other aged care facilities after complaint about abuse. He had even posted on Facebook ‘I hate old people’.

Police investigations were launched after three elderly people were admitted to hospital with insulin poisoning.

The ‘nurse’ was later found to keep a tin under his bed of the funeral notices of aged care resident he had once cared for. Police will never know how many people this ‘nurse’ ultimately killed.

“…the Department of Health’s latest report on aged care says it received 2862 notifications of reportable assaults from approved providers of residential services in 2015-16 alone…”

An aged care resident left soiled, then overdosed with insulin

The second story was of a traumatised woman who had spent two years battling to get CCTV installed in nursing homes, after her mother was murdered. Once again the drug of choice was insulin.

Once again people had complained repeatedly about cruelty from this ‘nurse’, including leaving a resident left until she soiled herself with faeces, then telling her “just lay in it”.

And once again, this nurse had previously been stripped of her registration for professional misconduct including administering insulin to patients who were not diabetic.

She had subsequently been reinstated, further complaints about her behaviors were ignored and several years, later two aged care residents were found dead.

Elderly women had their jewellery stolen then were murdered with insulin

In 2008 a ‘nurse’ in a Victorian aged care and rehabilitation centre injected several old women with insulin at the end of her shift at a Victorian nursing home in 2008, so the resident would die on someone else’s shift.  Their jewellery was stolen, along with their lives. The ‘nurse’ was not convicted but struggled to maintain her registration.

Six years later she was still registered and working in aged care. She again used insulin to kill two aged care residents who had filed complaints against her. This time she was caught out and convicted.

It turned out her entire work history was littered with complaints from the people she was supposed to be caring for.

“I am shocked and absolutely appalled she got her nursing registration back…” said the daughter of one victim.

In just one single month in NSW last December, the Courts dealt with three separate cases, where health professionals had successfully used insulin as a murder weapons.

Governments are manipulating unemployment figures, by pushing unsuitable people to work as aged care nurses

In 1990 I undertook a horrific Enrolled Nurses course at a Victorian TAFE.

The course was full of long term unemployed and sole patients welfare recipients, who had paid nothing to be on the course, and resented being forced to attend.

Despite verbally abusing both teachers and other students, lying about residents on placements (including making out that one resident had been eating her own faeces, as a joke) and failed the basics of CPR, all students successfully graduated.

The reason?


The TAFE made a fortune by loading their courses up with welfare recipients, ignoring their bad behaviors then passing them on to the aged care sector to deal with.

This course was so violent you could here the students yelling down the entire corridor of the TAFE. Classes were suspended several times. Some students ended up in tears. Two of the best students with an excellent work history, resigned from the course.

The other students and myself were left devastated by the violence of the bad students behavior. Subsequently several of these ‘nurses’ faced investigations for drug taking at work and abuse of patients.

The tying of training providers fees to the amount of welfare recipients they take on their courses has forced TAFE’s to fill their classes with people who often don’t want to be there.

It forces inappropriate people into the nursing profession, while taking away the opportunity for genuine people to to study. Once people are qualified and employed it is virtually impossible to sack or deregister them.

Vocational courses have become ways to manipulate the unemployment figures.

Some alternatives

No TAFE or University should be paid to accept long term welfare recipients into their course. Instead why not allow school students to compete their

Enrolled nursing certificate while finishing off school? This would given the younger generation a practical skill and aged care providers a wider range of staff to choose from.

Unfair dismissal laws should be abolished. All employees are fully responsible for their behaviors.

Healthcare is simply an essential taxpayers funded industry, than needs to be kept accountable and cost effective.


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