Hi, I’m Delia, a retired nurse who has spent years learning about new technology services.

My mission is to connect these small companies with their target market – clinicians and patients.

The current health system has a lot of errors. A lot of money is wasted. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Welcome to my website! And enjoy the information it has to offer.


The Modern Revolution by Peter M. Deeley Jr.



Personal values

I support ~

Freedom of speech
Respect for people with different points of view
Open, rational debate about all aspects of both the funding and delivery of vital services such as healthcare
Christian values of compassion and responsibility.

Wikihospitals is a registered business name. The name is also Trademarked in Australia.

Images used on this site are from a paid subscription to Envato.

This site is entirely self funded. Support has come from a few kind individuals donating small amounts of their own money. Thank you!

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