Making health care sustainable, using new technology and home based care.

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Wikihospitals guides you through a global list of health technology products. Our site is easy to search and constantly updated. Whether you are a patient, relative or health professional, we’ve got something to make your life easier, and safer.

Did you know there are apps to help type one diabetics predict hypoglycaemic episodes? Or ways for smart phones to listen for early signs of asthma attacks? New technology is bringing ultrasounds to Doctors offices and allowing them to verbally update their patients medical medical, right from their smartphone. These products are on the market right now. And they are looking for ways to reach people just like you.

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Stop wasting your time scrolling through technology publications. What you need is a practical list of products that just solve your problem, and allow you to get on with your life.

List of Health Technology Companies

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Some of the benefits of health technology

  • It’s safer than using paper based medical records that can end up full of illegible writing, outdated information and errors
  • It’s more convenient to take your babies temperature at home and talking to a Doctor over the internet, rather than spending hours in the Emergency Department waiting room, only to get a getting a huge bill.
  • It’s cheaper to monitor chronic conditions at home, using smart wearable devices that sync to the cloud and automatically alert your health team if there is a problem.
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Latest Posts

Obesity and Surgery

67% of Australian adults are overweight and one in four adults in Australia are obese. Evidence of increased infection post surgery for obese patients is widespread, between 5% - 60% increased risks.

Medication errors and poor handovers

The majority of avoidable patient deaths stem from an accumulation of small errors that were not acknowledged, or fixed. Miscommunications are a leading cause of serious medical errors.


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